Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fuck You, I'm Queer - (t shirt print)

This is my first post here on the internet.  I've never felt I had anything to really share of merit or worth online, but now I've got something to show for my hard work.  I've been printing t-shirts in the mudroom of my house and feel the internet-at-large would clearly get a kick out of them. I'm actually pretty proud of myself seeing these in print.  Something that was just an idea in my head is now something real and tangible. 

I created the FUCK YOU I'M QUEER shirt as a celebration of  flamboyant queer identity.  After all the pandering to straight society, the debates on what queers can or can't do, and overall wishywashyness of the current glbt "movement" - I opted for a more abrasive approach.  People seemed to take a  shine to them at the Pride Parade, and there are more people then I               thought                        who would proudly wear a shirt with swear words.  Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity - thats what I always say!  White shirt with black text and a big hot pink triangle! 



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