Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fuck You I'm Gay - The Rainbow Collection

 The "Rainbow Collection" - The classic message I started out with was "Fuck You I'm Gay" - asserting my own personal identity politics in t-shirt format.  I decided that things needed a bit of updating and a splash of - oh, I don't know.. color?  So I got a shirt for each color of the Gay Pride flag and put the message loud and clear in black ink.  The Pride Flag sometimes is associated with a loud, tacky, overly commercial semblance of gay culture - but I just think this design looks good this way.  Currently I have the following color t-shirt available for your wearing pleasure.  Hot pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, and even a tie-dye for the hippy-faggot in your life.  This is a simple design that will proudly stand out amongst a sea of frumpy drab gay designer muscle shirts. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)  This shirt will most likely get you laid.  (It worked for me)

Smurf Blue!
Proud Green!

Hot Pink!


Bright Yellow!
Tie Dye!


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