Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fuck You I'm Gay - Classic tshirt print.

Some people don't identify as queer. Some people feel gay. Some people are so queer they're gay or so gay they're queer. Regardless, if you feel gay makes more sense to you, and you still want to cheese everyone off by wearing swear-word-themed-tshirts -- then this shirt is designed just for you! Big black text reading FUCK YOU I'M GAY and the world-renown pink triangle. Push the limits of good taste! Be the person who likes to fuck, without giving a fuck! 


Fuck You I'm Gay - Tank Top (Summertime Fun)

Summer is here. (Or has been here for a little while) - and everyone wants show off their muscles, chest hair, and/or tattoos.  Why not get two birds stoned at once with this highly fashionable, somewhat offensive tank top!  Let the world know you're a homosexual while keeping your arms and torso nice and cool.  Perfect for the beach, camping, clubbing, dancing, working in the yard, visiting friends, grocery shopping, cruising, or drinking nice tall glasses of ice water. (my favorite)  Be sure to wear plenty of sunblock when you wear this shirt because it's hot hot hot!  White tank top with black/hot pink ink.  Destined to be a favorite.


Fuck You I'm Gay - The Rainbow Collection

 The "Rainbow Collection" - The classic message I started out with was "Fuck You I'm Gay" - asserting my own personal identity politics in t-shirt format.  I decided that things needed a bit of updating and a splash of - oh, I don't know.. color?  So I got a shirt for each color of the Gay Pride flag and put the message loud and clear in black ink.  The Pride Flag sometimes is associated with a loud, tacky, overly commercial semblance of gay culture - but I just think this design looks good this way.  Currently I have the following color t-shirt available for your wearing pleasure.  Hot pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, and even a tie-dye for the hippy-faggot in your life.  This is a simple design that will proudly stand out amongst a sea of frumpy drab gay designer muscle shirts. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)  This shirt will most likely get you laid.  (It worked for me)

Smurf Blue!
Proud Green!

Hot Pink!


Bright Yellow!
Tie Dye!


Paw Fuzzer Yiffy Shirt!

 This is another design that I came up with - after coming to a understanding of what it meant to be gay and furry.  I believe the technical term for this kind of this is "yiff" (the sound two fuzzy animals make when they're bumping pelts..)  I thought it would be cute to have a shirt that looked like you were pawed all over by a cute animal.  The term "pawfuzzer" is considered obscene by various television networks and will even get you bleeped on NPR (I think).  To celebrate furry pride, I created the pawfuzzer shirt.  The paws wrap around in a random pattern, covering the front and back.  It looked like an animal just walked all over you.  If your friends are uptight about you being a furry, then maybe its time you get some new/kinkier friends.  No two shirts are alike, or have 
                                the same paw print pattern.  Can be custom made to suit your tastes.  And to be quite frank, this shirt gives me a sexy thrill each time I put it on.  (But then again, I'm a fan of soft fuzzy paws)  You be the judge!   White shirt with black ink.


Fuck You, I'm Queer - (t shirt print)

This is my first post here on the internet.  I've never felt I had anything to really share of merit or worth online, but now I've got something to show for my hard work.  I've been printing t-shirts in the mudroom of my house and feel the internet-at-large would clearly get a kick out of them. I'm actually pretty proud of myself seeing these in print.  Something that was just an idea in my head is now something real and tangible. 

I created the FUCK YOU I'M QUEER shirt as a celebration of  flamboyant queer identity.  After all the pandering to straight society, the debates on what queers can or can't do, and overall wishywashyness of the current glbt "movement" - I opted for a more abrasive approach.  People seemed to take a  shine to them at the Pride Parade, and there are more people then I               thought                        who would proudly wear a shirt with swear words.  Never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity - thats what I always say!  White shirt with black text and a big hot pink triangle!